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July 20XX

 I've found a floppy disk hastily buried on the ground. No label, only a note saying "#01".

After three weeks of intense searching, I've found five other floppies.

That's enough for a demo I guess.

All theses floppies are encrypted. All but one.

What secrets lies within theses floppies ?

Why would someone try to get rid of them ?

And it's up to YOU to  shed a light on all of this ! Solve the puzzles , found all the password and decrypt all the files in this unique mystery game !



* The game take place entirely on the files of the games, and on the executable "Flop_util.jar".

*Each numeroted file represent a floppy (#01, #02, etc..). To unlock the next floppy you need to retrieve the paswword from the previous one. DO NOT RENAME, EDIT OR MOVE THESES FILES.

*If you think you have a password, type it into Flop_util.js , it will automatically unlock the corresponding floppy.

*The game has been tested on Windows, might not work on Linux or MacOS.

*You do not need any particular computer related knowledge, as I made this game accessible for anyone.


Thanks for playing ! Be sure to follow me on Twitter to see what I'm up to next : https://twitter.com/Le_Toulousaing

This year I challenged myself to release one demo each month. See how far I can go before completely losing it.

Cover art by Kroki (https://twitter.com/Kroki_skyblog) Go check it out he's great !


99.zip 688 kB


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Hi to another French dev!

The jar is working on Linux, as I would expect. Although I don’t have a working password so I can’t really test the game’s features, but the app is running correctly at least.

Just use java -jar flop_util.jar

Your description n itch.io mentions “Flop_util.js” instead of “.jar”, by the way.

I tend to like meta-games, but I admit on this one I’m a bit lost. There seem to be a catch on #01, but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything (as in investigation games where you know you didn’t use that specific clue yet). And because locks are sequential, I cannot start working on #02 or #04 in parallel while I’m thinking more about #01. I’ll try to spend more time on it.