In 2019 I created the Museum of Screens, a Twitter account to talk about the History of Web games of all sort: Flash, Shockwave, Java, etc...

Four years later, the Museum of Screens is now also on Mastodon and Tumblr. I featured more than 800 games, wrote articles and blog post... And I always wondered what the museum would look like if it was an actual place.

This is not an actual museum, because it is not an actual place, but the virtual Museum of Screens is the closest the museum would be to a real place. Take a tour on the museum and learn about the history of web games, while playing a web game. A bit like if you could walk into a painting.

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The museum crawler of the History of flash games.

The items from the expo are great. The floor is clean and the air is fresh, you don't need a ticket and other people are respectful of the expo, a must visit !


This is super cool

Thanks a lot!

This made me tear up a little at the nostalgia. There is undoubtedly a large part of my childhood here, thank you for this.

Thanks <3<3<3


It's easy to forget just how little most of us explore the Internet these days. I love that this museum not only shows off long-gone curiosities of the past, but ones we can visit right now if we can just summon that old online wanderlust and visit websites off the beaten path, all accessible through hyperlinks in the museum itself! With the promise of a growing list of showcases in the future, I'll definitely be back.


Thank you for your visit!


That is a very profound experience, so many flash games lost to the ages (even though some can still be played thru emulation)

I got sad at the part where 6 rich men control most of the internet.


Thanks, your comment means a lot!