1954, Paris. You are detective.

This morning, five unindentified persons broke into a private appartment and stole a valuable antique book. The police offer a large amount of money for anyone able to locate theses peoples.

It's midnight. Time to work.

This is the version 1.5 of the demo of Night Shift Detective. I've kept the previous version available to keep tracks of the version and show the evolution. 

New features :

  • Improved presentation
  • Map of Paris
  • New ennemies
  • Two new stores
  • A lot more items and equipments
  • The bureau of Investigation is now open to give you missions
  • More interactions : Talk to shop owners AND the ennemies !
  • Read the journal ( there is exactly ONE journal in this demo)

I won't make a new demo each month but this one is significatively improved so I decided to release it, as a better showcase of my intents for the final game.

Featuring guest designs by Purple Sea Sigma (@PurpleSeaSigma) and Adrien Gueret (@AdrienGueret).

Thank you for playing ! If you want more informations and updates about my upcoming projects, you can follow me on Twitter (@le_toulousaing).


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Great game i enjoyed playing this! Keep up the great work