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On July 14 201X, I found an old broken computer on the side of the road, half buried on a pile of dirt.

It was broken beyond repair, but I managed to retrieve the datas from the hard drive.Most of the files are useless nonsenses, but something's strange.

Several folders are encrypted and locked with passwords.

Thoses locked folders must contain many secrets. I can't stand to see such mystery stay unsolved, and I need your help !Grab you're Sherlock Holmes hat, gather the clues and solve all the puzzle on this unique File Browser based game !


* Duration : About 1 hour

* The game has been developped and tested on Windows exclusively. Linux seems to work fine, but it might not properly works on MacOS.

* The files does not include executables files. All the game goes through text files, images, etc...

* You don't need to install softwares to play this game, or even use external ressources or website to solve the game's puzzles.

* HOWEVER, you need to have at least a file archiver/compressor in order to open .tar files. You can download the free software 7-zip here.

* No particular computer related knowledge is needed, as I tried to make this game accessible to everyone.


PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Tagsclipart, computer, Detective, Escape Game, file, Internet, Mystery, original, text, unusual
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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OldComputerArchive.zip 1 MB
OldComputerArchive.zip - French version 1 MB

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You got the X and Y axis round the wrong way.

Otherwise, great game!

I REALLY need help on the French poem/line.word.letter puzzle!

I know how the code works, but I don't know the proper password for the SECRET FOLDER.

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Hey, Dorkfishie from the future here! I cracked the code for the SECRET FOLDER! I still have no clue what the French line.word.letter thing means, though. Wait! That preference file might help!

Anddd it did! Hopefully the rest of my quest will go smoothly.

And smooth sailing, it was! I finally completed the game!


Hey! I know you published this some years ago, and I'm still playing, but I just wanted to point out that before I forget to do so that to make a file or folder hidden on Linux, you need to make it start with a dot. So to make "Security" a hidden folder it should be ".Security", otherwise it's totally visible.

DUDE! That was awesome, you dont need anything special to run this just a concept of opening/opening with files and note pad. 

I really wish i could find more games like this with this detail.

I really applaud the developer of this fun little puzzle game. The presentation of it is unique and refreshing. A really intriguing concept for a puzzle game! Can't wait for any more future works like this!



Having trouble with the line.word.letter puzzle. Any hints?


I managed to find this explanation for this cypher. Now you need to find the correct number sequence. https://sites.google.com/site/codesforscouts/paragraph-word-letter

This was a lot of fun to play. Took me about 40 mins total. Can't wait to play more!

*WHEW* finally finished it! that took forever but it was really interesting i'd love to see another game like this one in the future.  

I can't open it?

Can you be more specific ? You can't open the main zip file ?

It says an error when I try to launch

Oh, I just realized that there was no executable and not a "game". I still don't know what the starting point is so I can't really initiate the game. I do have 7z/file compressor.

If you go to your "owned games" page, and right click on the game, one of the options is to view the folder in the file browser. Click on that option. Everything in the folder it takes you to is part of the game. From there, start opening up folders, within the one you started at, and see what happens!


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I download the OldComputerArchive.zip which is the English version right? but inside mail_01010000.txt is in French. Is that supposed to be in French or what? 

btw great game! This is the real puzzle computer game! I play it on Linux and everything seems work fine, except the .mid file, I need to install timidity to play that Spice Girls :D


The french text is a famous french song, it's on purpose in french since you don't have to understand it in order to complete the puzzles.

(Thanks for your comment by the way !)


This game really speaks to me! This is the best game I have played in a long time. Thank you.

Thanks a lot for your comment !

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It's short for "password".

Very interesting concept! It's a game that pretty much uses Windows Explorer and other tools as the engine. It seems to have the mystery part well designed for what it is, although of course enjoyment may vary, probably for some out there, playing "games" a bit like this is the daily job...

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter our Game Development World Championship!

Thanks ! I'ill check it out.

Okay, thanks!