Rainy Day Remastered  is an improved version of the original ASCII platformer. In this world, your umbrella is your only defense against this downpour.  Run, jump, glide, explore this strange world but make sure the water never hits you !   

Experience the original game with improved graphics and performances, revised level design and new secrets !

If you're stuck, press K to respawn.


  • Saves !
  • Level selection when you finish the game once
  • Two new levels ! Where are they ? I dunno go figure!
  • New umbrella ? Maybe I'm not sure I kind of lost them.

Thanks a lot for playing! You can follow me on Twitter to stay informed about my next projects and games.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tagsascii, old-school, rain, rainy-day, remastered, Retro, umbrella


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i don't think i've ever seen a game presented this way before. very cool. 

I reloaded the site on the boat part and the game is softlocked

Same I don't know what to do. Do I just have to start from the very beginning. I don't want to do that


when you die whilst transitioning to a different screen, you are permanently dead

Yoo I just found the secret mall level

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I got stuck in the park segment and when I pressed K (the respawn button), it didn't work at all?

The screen looks like this:

EDIT: Ok, refreshing the page seems to had worked.

Edit 2: In the wind turbine factory part, one of the spikes has a weird hitbox. When I tried to glide over it, the game thought that I touched it!

EDIT 3: Oh, I think that was intentional!


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Played and finished it, excellent game. The rain/umbrella/glide mechanics are pretty clever. The end-stretch is brutal though. Also, the ascii graphics are kind of gimmick-y, and might scare away some players. If this was developed as a platforming game with like 8bit NES style graphics, that would probably reach a larger audience. Anyway very cool game idea.👍

When I replay the game through level select, the turbine in Factory doesn't turn back on. I'm lookin for secrets.


I love this game! I wonder what you used to make this. very well executed idea!


Beautiful and fun <3. Well done :). I wonder how it is made. If I may a fullscreen option will make it perfect :D


**Spoiler alert!!**

Here are all the secrets I found. You can suggest some by replying to this comment.

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I found a secret you didn't mention, it is also in the Junkyard, but it's above the location of the binary umbrella. (I recorded a video and then screenshot-ed this part) [Edited/Second Image below the first...]Edit: another to be sure...?

I genuinely love this.


I think, it's good art or performance. But is not a game. But I was impression you skills.Good luck.

Loved it! I timed myself and it took me slightly less than the original one, 38m instead of the original 45m. From this, I gather the new levels might be shortcuts? Or at least they let you skip some old sections so the game length isn't extended considerably.

Actually, my memory isn't good enough for me to be sure the things I found weren't in the previous version, so I'll just tell you what I found that I didn't remember (in rot13) and you can tell me if any of it is new:

  • Gur erq znyy
  • Gur oebja qevyyvat fvgr (naq tvnag qevyy)
  • Gur ovanel hzoeryyn

Just like with the previous version, I thought the last challenge needed an extra checkpoint. I had to replay that initial no-obstacles section too many times and it lost some of its initial impact. Nothing too serious though.

The game did break a few times, as in the character disappeared from view right as the screen changed, and K didn't respawn at all. This was also no trouble at all, since those moments were always completely saved by the… save feature.