Last year I made a terrible Wordle clone, posted it on the Internet and then moved on with my life.

A year later, many things happened on the Internet, so I wanted to write something about it. This is a story about nice free things on the Internet, and why they don't last.


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Honestly, the whole talk about how games and how they can just be gutted for profit was quite interesting. I never got into Wordle when it was decently popular so I didn't get attached. It's just a bit nauseating that corporate entities seem to make things worse because they want money. It was a nice read at least. Cheers.

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It seems Firefox is not recognizing where I should write the word, because it always activate search on page, and I can't properly write the word.

Edit: but the text is nice.


You just have to click on the game, then any text input is accepted by the game.