2022 Update: Thanks for playing my game, but I'm sorry it's been years I litteraly don't remember how to beat it. One day I will get back to it and write a walkthrough but for now I cannot help you :(

Make your way through the broken datas, gather clues and solve all the mysteries of this website from the 90's.

Informations about the game

* Duration : About 2 hours

* No external softwares or ressources is necessary to complete the game's main puzzles. An image editor might be useful but nothing more complex than MS Paint.

* You might want to play my previous game OldComputerArchive.zip to have a bit of context for the game, but it's not necessary.

* Updates and modifications may comes in the future ( it will be notified) but won't change the puzzles and solutions.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags90s, computer, Detective, encryption, enigma, Escape Game, html, Internet, Mystery, website
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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what do i do with the decoded binary from e.s.d (emotional support duck)?

I'm really stuck. I saw the emotional support duck said somthing about using base64 then i kept refreshing and saw a bunch of 0's and 1's. does that mean anything?

isnt 0s and 1s binary?

hey! I really like the game so far but I'm a bit stuck, do I have to use the inspect element tool on my browser? cause its blocked on my laptop :/

Hey, sorry but inspect page is a key part of the game :/

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I'm a bit stuck after getting into the dev folder. I know the valxliz key matches logo.png but I don't know where to go from here

You know...Liz seemed to be in a rush to delete all of those articles.

I'm still stuck 😭 Would you mind giving another hint?

Notice how the lock and key image ends with the same .html as the other articles. What happens when you plug it in?

i could've sworn i tried that before lol thank you!!


That's hard, I almost didn't make it to the end.


Hi, it might be dumb to ask, but I'm quite confused now, what am I supposed to do with the fragmented IDs I found in the articles?  I don't want to spoil the puzzle, but I'm really having trouble finding more clues.

Can anyone give a hint? THX


I just ran through this with a group of 4 friends virtually (everyone using the website). It took us about 2 hours and everyone liked it! They were all devs so a few went a bit off-script in trying to muddle through what I think were Red Herrings in the end. But once we got the cadence right, a few of the key moments had people shouting in excitement. In the end we felt like hackers, truly solving a puzzle.

One clue m ight be useful for USA folks - dates have two formats between US and Europe. So 02-05-2020 might be Feb Fifth or March Second. ;D

Kudos, this was awesome!

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Hi, I'm trying to play this, but for some reason, a lot of the links that are available take me to an error. Am I just being dumb and they are supposed to be errors, or no? And I mean, like, the sponsors page, the CD-i 2 page, things that seem like they would be available to unrestricted users.

EDIT: Never mind, it was the computer that I was using. My bad.


Hi, I know this is a long shot but I am totally stuck at a certain point! Without spoiling anything: I don't think I understand the wording in one particular clue "...put together one after the other..." "...and multiply the result by the number of the..." I know which numbers I need to use, but the wording is throwing me off. Really want to keep going but I've tried every configuration I can think of with it.


Hi, sorry for the delayed answer.

Ok let's say the number are 12 and 15. You need to put them together like this : 1215. Then you can multiply this.
I know the wording is a bit weird, I didn't knew how to express this concept clearly. English is not my main language.

Anyway, thanks for the interest in the game ! Good luck !

Thank you very much!