FULL GAME RELEASED : https://toulou.itch.io/rainy-day-full-game


Rainy day is an experimental platformer with old-school ASCII graphics. Against this downpour, your umbrella is your best ally. Make your way through the city and be sure the water never hits you !

* * *

This is a short  demo I've put together as a programming challenge for myself, and also to have feedbacks on the concept. I have plans for a full games with a lot more levels and mechanics, but right now I want to see if peoples enjoy this short game. Because I sure enjoyed making it.

* * *

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Tagsascii, Experimental, glide, old-school, rain, umbrella
Average sessionA few minutes


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I'm surprised there isn't a secret here...

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Thanks for this useful remark, Jenkins.

Cute lil' game. <3 also, I froze the game by dying out of bounds trying to jump the pit into the metro. woops


Simplicity at its best!