It's almost the end of the day, you're off work and it's time for you to walk all the way to your home. It's a long road and it's quite rainy out there, don't forget to put on a jacket you're gonna catch a cold. By the way, you forgot your umbrella. What a bummer, it would be a shame if, say... You were vulnerable to water.

Rainy Day is an unique platformer with old school ASCII graphics. In this world, your umbrella is your only defense against this downpour. Make you way through the city, make sure the water never hits you !  

6 wides levels to explore! Several secrets ! Deadly traps ! Umbrella ! Rain ! At least two jokes ! Three differents endings ( About what ? I dunno, go figure) !

/!\ WARNING : Play preferably on Firefox, works on Chrome too but might be a bit unstable.

IMPORTANT : There is no save system, when you quit the page you lose all your progress. 

Thanks a lot for playing ! You can follow me on Twitter (@Le_Toulousaing) to stay in informed about my next projects and games.

If you're stuck, press K to respawn.


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Wow, this game was incredibly charming, lovely job

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I am so glad that i found the French pants store it was hard to find.Smells like a sewer cause it is Jenkins.Anyway thanks for reading.We are still lost chief.NO WRONG WAY!:) HEY:) if you can read this you should stop climbing into pipes.Umbrella is very useful for geting into the break room.Am i allowed to be here?

-Looks like we are lost chief.

-I think so too Jenkins.

-We should have taken an umbrella.

-Thanks for this useful remark Jenkins.

hey i enjoyed it a lot thanks.


how to download ths game, its fun


you cant ugly

Really fun game, but I can't get past the part where it says, "Who even build these tunnels?

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Best ASCII platforming game. I love you, man! Please rewrite in c/c++ and ncurses library for unix terminal. :-)

I love the ASCII aesthetic but I feel by snapping the player to a grid, the platforming suffers. I believe you could have kept the graphics but use all those extra pixels to allow tighter platforming controls but that's your design choice (plus idk how you coded it making that impossible to change). I also think that the checkpoints were too far apart. For example, the first checkpoint in the sewers is far from the "I hope these grids are solid enough" part where I died a lot. I would end up rushing to get back and end up dying again along the way. It felt annoying and a bit of a time waster which was when I quit.

Overall this is a super cute game that I would like to play through when it's finished!

good game and clever idea but the jumps are too pixel perfect to make it fun - having to go back to the previous screen and start it all over again is a bit tedious. fix that and i would be impressed :)